L’Altell English books reading club

L’Altell offers among those who read in English a new “English Reading Club”. It’ll be the old fashion style of book club: we propose a book to read and then, in two months’ time, we’ll meet to freely discuss it. Who knows if in the future we start a new one “on line” or we create a reading club blog, but for now the traditional way seems more suitable.
The book to read will be originally written in English and the meeting to discuss and comment will be in English.
Our intention is to avoid a club in which a group of literary snobs sit around arguing about dry concepts. Our reading club will be open to anyone who likes books even without any academic knowledge. Everyone is welcome
We have already in mind several books which can fit in our purpose, but to start with we propose for discussion:
“84 Charing Cross Road” by Helen Hanff.

 We’ll meet on the 3rd on May at L’altell bookshop.
For those who haven’t read it, now is the time. You won’t regret it. And for those who have already read it translated, here you have a good reason to take the original text. It’s a true story which has captivated people from all over the world, and has inspired films and theatre plays. In any case, it’s a book worth reading and discussing.
Also very important: The book is not long; there are cheap paperback editions and can even be found in public libraries. This activity is co-organized with “Escola Oficial d’Idiomes de Banyoles”, and is totally free.
Any comments or suggestions you may have, please feel free to send them to us: info@laltell.cat

3 thoughts on “L’Altell English books reading club

  1. quintesential ha dit:

    Congratulations for having started this new project.

    • Thanks heaps, quintesential!
      We are very much looking forward to this new reading club, the first one to be done in Banyoles —as far as we know—

      By the way, you’ve lost an “s”; what happened to it?

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